Ready for NEXT LEVEL life and experiencing a life of flow, happiness?

It’s true. life and success CAN be fun, exciting and EFFORTLESS. And when we really understand how to co-create with our magical Universe, become our reality! And let me reassure you, it’s easier than you think!

Let me tell you my story

I am Fatma Mohammed

Wife and mother

My journey in consciousness and development began from 2014 very pure coincidence ..
My life before was colored black, but more stages …
I was a body without a soul walking and roam down to earth because I take responsibility for my age’s dream of my children.

I suffered from many diseases, psychological and organic (colon nervous for seven years in which I took all the medicines of the world without interest and installed in most ambulances and started many of the hospitals and useless treatment of irritable bowel)
Non-chronic migraine, early Alzheimer’s, summer excessive skin allergies, pain in the joints and winter-related pain (each disease depending on its season)
The last thing I was suffering from was the severity of nervousness and the lack of self control fainting too many

This was the biggest shock …
Of course, this is all because of the bad psychological situation … At the moment of physical and psychological destruction I decided that I do not scratch any medicines for any disease, even if this is the end Welcome

And because our Lord is merciful slaves and after all affliction of great tender and gifts and miracles from the Lord of the worlds …. opened me the door of light and consciousness ….
The door of peace and tranquility reassurance and love ……
It was the beginning of my journey in awareness, development, and psychological and organic prosperity
I learned to benefit myself and medicated my soul and mind until I reached the miracles of my life and was born from the first and new and this was my motto always and will still forever there is no impossible
In every testimony of the countries of a new science and a new awareness and a new spirit and a new mind and a new body ….
When I was born again, I had a spirit, a mind and a healthy body

After suffering for a long time with the bad psychological state and organic diseases .. such as be God tells me enough on you after all this patience … This is your gift and was the technique of psychological freedom (eft) is the hands that entered me inside and took the big black stone that was on my heart And directed by Libra and threw it … For me (eft) the gift of our Lord gave me and open the door of miracles … I mean, where the magic of magic you are harassing or sad or suffocated or angry take it
Converged yourself in the same minute your feelings that pressure was on you disappeared and your thoughts to the democrats were changed … (eft) was for me the magic love to addiction of miracles that I saw with me …. We get out of the logic 1 + 1 = 2. .And we enter into the world of miracles, which is above reason and logic …

When my life started to change, my friends noticed this change. They started asking me about the reason for the change in my way of thinking, my feelings and my behavior. I told them about my experience in liberating a lot of shocks in my life. They were like mountains inside my heart and mind. They asked me to help them change their lives for the better and break the iceberg. In their hearts and mind, and from here began the way of helping me with all the love and happiness that they change their lives for the better by liberating their feelings and negative thoughts that were the main reason for their destruction psychologically and organically. Their lives to Better …. and always was my slogan (there is no impossible)

(Heart butterfly) heart instinct full of love and peace and tranquility and tranquility …..
My goal is to help you have a butterfly heart

MT Testimony

Certified  Eft  trainer  level 1.2 from

Eft Matrix reimprinting  (EFTMRA) London

Certified Eft levels 1.2.3.practitioner

Certified Eft Matrix reimprinting practitioner (EFTMRA) London

Certified Access Bars Practitioner( Access Consciousness )

Certified Kinesiology practitioner

Certified Gnostic Intensive,Holographic process,Handling bodiless Entities (zivorad slavinski)

Certified peat level 1.2 practitioner (Zivorad Slavinski)

Certified Heart wisdom process practitioner (Paul Wong)

Certified chinese energetics practitioner(Paul Wong)

Certified aspectice practitioner

Certified Training of Trainers BY international Norwegian Board

Certified pranic healing (basic .advanced. crystal. Pranic psychotherapy .pranic psychic self defense. Arhatic yoga)from world pranic healing foundation.

A member of international MetaHalth association (IMMA) and obtained certified certifications in Diagnosis physiology shocks which cause the Organic diseases throw hormones and behaviors.

From Cairo university and Canadian Center of Dr Ibrahim Elfiki ::

Certified neuro linguistic programming

Certified hypnosis

Certified time management

Certified family constellation

Certified law of attraction


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